The Hidden Germs That Live In Your House

Lately, we’ve all become much more aware of the germs living in our homes. We look around and we see them. Every time we touch something, we think about what germs we are picking up. Moving forward in our lives, germs are going to dictate a lot of what we do and how we do

Atlantic Menhaden Fishery Gets Lowest Possible Grade

A report released this week by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership gives the Atlantic menhaden fishery a grade of “C,” the lowest score. The report analyzed reduction fisheries in the Atlantic and South America, and graded them in five different categories, including precautionary management, how well fisheries managers follow science advice, whether fishermen comply with regulations. Reduction fisheries target mackerel,

Menhaden Fishery in Graphics

As the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission gears up to meet in early August, all eyes are once again turning to Atlantic menhaden, the forage fish that has been called “the most important fish in the sea.” Menhaden feeds commercially valuable predator fish like striped bass, weakfish, and bluefish, as well as marine mammals like

Feds Propose Limited Immunity for Water Polluters

Agriculture is the largest contributor to water pollution in the U.S., dumping millions of pounds of nitrogen and phosphorous into the nation’s waterways each year. But as the problem worsens and government scrambles to find a solution, a program offering regulatory exemptions to farmers who voluntarily take cleanup steps is getting terrible reviews. A high-ranking

The Fish at the Heart of the Food System

You have never seen a menhaden, but you have eaten one. Although no one sits down to a plate of these silvery, bug-eyed, foot-long fish at a seafood restaurant, menhaden travel through the human food chain mostly undetected in the bodies of other species, hidden in salmon, pork, onions, and many other foods. Millions of