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Unprotected: a Timeline of Inaction on the Most Important Fish in the Sea


Unprotected: a Menhaden Timeline Menhaden has been called “the most important fish in the sea,” because it forms the base of the Atlantic food web, providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner for important marine predators. But it is also an anomaly in Atlantic fishery management. Despite 30 years of scientific evidence pointing to the decline of …

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ASMFC Annual Meeting: Historic Vote on Menhaden Today!

9:08:51 AM: Historic day for #menhaden!! The ASMFC will be voting on new reference points for the fishery, potentially resulting in a harvest cutback 9:14:30 AM: We’re live-blogging ASMFC’s historic vote on menhaden at 11 EST! @herringalliance @MattTinning @CAPAction @Oceana @Greenpeace @Oceanwire 9:32:27 AM: Some background reading on the importance of forage species like #menhaden …

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