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Atlantic Menhaden Fishery Gets Lowest Possible Grade

sustainable fisheries partnership

A report released this week by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership gives the Atlantic menhaden fishery a grade of “C,” the lowest score. The report analyzed reduction fisheries in the Atlantic and South America, and graded them in five different categories, including precautionary management, how well fisheries managers follow science advice, whether fishermen comply with regulations. …

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A Bird’s Eye Snapshot of Atlantic Menhaden: Artistic Maybe, but Not Sound Science


The main commercial harvester of an overexploited fish species vital to the eco-system in waters off the eastern seaboard has concluded the little guy is doing just fine. Last October, I traveled up and down the East Coast attending public hearings on menhaden, the Atlantic Ocean’s indispensable forage fish. From Maine to North Carolina, menhaden …

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Wishful Fishing: The Truth Behind Omega Protein’s Sustainability Claims


Omega Protein has been promoting inaccurate statements about the sustainability of the Atlantic menhaden on its website. Menhaden is a valuable forage fish, known to fisheries scientists as the cornerstone of the Atlantic marine ecosystem. Humans don’t eat menhaden, but just about everything else does, from predator fish to marine mammals to sea birds. But …

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