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Pirate Fishermen Running Wild on the High Seas


Modern-day pirates might not look like Captain Jack Sparrow from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean, but they do charter ships across the world’s oceans, stealing and plundering a valuable resource that billions of people depend on for food. Bills introduced in House and Senate committees this month aim to eliminate “pirate fishing,” a global scourge that threatens the …

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Omega Protein’s Legal Team Resorts to Name-Calling, Bashes NMFS

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Omega Protein’s lobbyists can hardly contain their disbelief. In an op-ed published in the January issue of The National Fisherman, David Frulla and Shaun Gehan, Washington lawyers representing Omega Protein, minimize efforts to limit over-exploitation of a fish species crucial to the Atlantic marine ecosystem by saying “menhaden have become a ‘cause célébre.’” Frulla and …

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