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Decision Day on Atlantic Menhaden: Live Blog


10:26:24 PM: We’ll see you bright and early at 8 am for the historic vote on #menhaden! If you have any questions, tweet at us and we’ll keep you posted! 11:26:16 PM: Great energy here in Baltimore over an oily little fish called #menhaden. Stay tuned!11:51:55 PM: We’ll also be following @pewenvironment and @herringalliance for …


River herring and Shad Live blog

river herring

3:49:08 PM: River herring management board beginning at #asmfc12. Stock assessment report starting now. 3:52:57 PM: Stock assessment overview, river herring: A lot of holes in the data coastwide. Most of places where there’s good data occur in the NE area 3:53:17 PM: Historically, river herring has had a low management priority #asmfc12 3:53:41 PM: …


Striped bass Liveblog

striped bass

8:31:53 AM: Striped bass management board getting underway at #asmfc12 8:34:10 AM: Kate Taylor, ASMFC staff is now reviewing draft addendum 3 for #stripedbass 8:39:51 AM: Problem: In Feb, #asmfc12 passed motion to initiatie an amenddment to incorporate recs by Interstate Watershed Task Force on #striped bass. 8:42:26 AM: Investigation in Chesapeake Bay found 1 …

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Atlantic Herring Liveblog

atlantic herring

10:48:41 AM: This week, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission meets on important marine species like herring, menhaden, striped bass, lobster. 10:49:09 AM: We will be live-blogging the proceedings for those who want to tune in from home! #asmfc12 is the hashtag 10:49:35 AM: First up: the Commission meets on Atlantic herring at 1 pm …

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ASMFC Annual Meeting: Historic Vote on Menhaden Today!

9:08:51 AM: Historic day for #menhaden!! The ASMFC will be voting on new reference points for the fishery, potentially resulting in a harvest cutback 9:14:30 AM: We’re live-blogging ASMFC’s historic vote on menhaden at 11 EST! @herringalliance @MattTinning @CAPAction @Oceana @Greenpeace @Oceanwire 9:32:27 AM: Some background reading on the importance of forage species like #menhaden …

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Potomac River Fisheries Commission: Public Hearing on Menhaden Management Options


The Potomac River Fisheries Commission (PRFC) regulates recreational and commercial fishing, crabbing, oystering, and clamming in the Potomac River. Four commissioners from Maryland and four commissioners from Virginia jointly manage the River’s resources. The PRFC has a vote on the menhaden management board. According to A.C. Carpenter, Executive Secretary of the Commission, the PRFC vote …