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Atlantic Menhaden Fishery Gets Lowest Possible Grade

sustainable fisheries partnership

A report released this week by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership gives the Atlantic menhaden fishery a grade of “C,” the lowest score. The report analyzed reduction fisheries in the Atlantic and South America, and graded them in five different categories, including precautionary management, how well fisheries managers follow science advice, whether fishermen comply with regulations. …

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Closing of Canadian Eco-Lab Will Have Detrimental Impacts on the U.S.

experimental lakes area

The Canadian government has drawn ire for a controversial decision to shutter the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), a world-renowned facility that conducts research on water quality and fisheries. American researchers say the loss of Canada’s ELA will affect U.S. environmental protection and policy. For 44 years, the ELA has served as an outdoor laboratory where scientists …

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ASMFC Annual Meeting: Historic Vote on Menhaden Today!

9:08:51 AM: Historic day for #menhaden!! The ASMFC will be voting on new reference points for the fishery, potentially resulting in a harvest cutback 9:14:30 AM: We’re live-blogging ASMFC’s historic vote on menhaden at 11 EST! @herringalliance @MattTinning @CAPAction @Oceana @Greenpeace @Oceanwire 9:32:27 AM: Some background reading on the importance of forage species like #menhaden …

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