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PTP Releases Investigative Feature in the Washington Monthly

Omega Protein Makes Good on Threat to Cut Jobs, but it Doesn’t Have To

PTP Director Alison Fairbrother has released an investigative feature article in the Washington Monthly about the mismanagement of Atlantic menhaden by the regulatory agency charged with overseeing marine species in state waters. Read an excerpt below: “On a balmy afternoon in late summer, Jim Price reaches into the body cavity of a striped bass and pulls out …

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Congressmen Push Use of Corporate Science in Fishery Management


Nine members of Congress — five Republicans and four Democrats — have urged the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) to consider corporate-funded research in assessing Atlantic menhaden, a forage fish vital to the Atlantic ecosystem. In a letter to the ASMFC, the politicians expressed concerns that the agency has not included the “latest information” …

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Demand Funding for the Office of Technology Assessment: Science Denial has Gone Too Far!


Science and technology inform nearly every aspect of modern life, pioneering innovation, creating jobs, and often contributing substantially to improvements in quality of life for Americans. But the pace of development and the gravity of many of these technologies (nuclear weapons, nanotechnology, and the internet, to name a few), has left government scrambling to keep …

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How Congress Lost its Science Advisors — and what that means

ota seal in color

In 2010, geneticist J. Craig Venter created the first synthetic life form, a genome based on an existing bacterium. The field of synthetic biology raises a host of scientific questions — from potential applications in medicine, agricultural production, and renewable energy to the possibility that synthetic organisms could be used for bio-warfare. Many of these …

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