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Pipeline of Payoffs: Keystone XL Op-Ed Tarred by Dishonesty

Foreign Affairs, perhaps the most influential journal of international relations in the world, recently published an article arguing that the Obama administration has spoiled its relationship with Canada. The number one reason? Obama’s decision to delay permissions enabling TransCanada Corp to build an oil pipeline from Alberta through the heart of the U.S. to refineries in Texas. …

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Closing of Canadian Eco-Lab Will Have Detrimental Impacts on the U.S.

experimental lakes area

The Canadian government has drawn ire for a controversial decision to shutter the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), a world-renowned facility that conducts research on water quality and fisheries. American researchers say the loss of Canada’s ELA will affect U.S. environmental protection and policy. For 44 years, the ELA has served as an outdoor laboratory where scientists …

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