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Omega Protein Makes Good on Threat to Cut Jobs, but it Doesn’t Have To


Omega Protein employs 250 people in Reedville, VA, mostly factory workers and fishermen who net Atlantic menhaden, taking whole schools of the small, oily fish from the ocean and grinding them into meal, oil and solubles. Some of those jobs are in peril, but they shouldn’t be. Omega Protein warned last year that catch limits …

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Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources Lashes Out Against Public Input in Fisheries Management


A high-ranking gubernatorial appointee in Virginia has accused a citizens advisory committee of inappropriate “lobbying” when it expressed support for measures to protect Atlantic menhaden, a forage fish vital to the Atlantic ocean ecosystem. Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources Doug Domenech objected to the recommendations of the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) of the Chesapeake Executive …

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