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Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Makes Important Changes to its Scientific Process

stormy atlantic

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) is taking steps to ensure greater transparency in its scientific committee meetings after industry consultants tried to dominate a subcommittee hearing in May in North Carolina. That meeting, which was reported by the Public Trust Project, included government scientists from state agencies as well as federal researchers who …

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Did Industry Consultants Hijack the Stock Assessment Process for Atlantic Menhaden?

cast netting for menhaden

At a meeting this week in North Carolina, government scientists were largely silent on the question of how the Atlantic menhaden population should be assessed in 2012. Fishing industry consultants, on the other hand, dominated the process — so much so that some in attendance questioned whether efforts by industry representatives to steer the discussion …

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PTP Releases Investigative Feature in the Washington Monthly

Omega Protein Makes Good on Threat to Cut Jobs, but it Doesn’t Have To

PTP Director Alison Fairbrother has released an investigative feature article in the Washington Monthly about the mismanagement of Atlantic menhaden by the regulatory agency charged with overseeing marine species in state waters. Read an excerpt below: “On a balmy afternoon in late summer, Jim Price reaches into the body cavity of a striped bass and pulls out …

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Omega Protein’s Legal Team Resorts to Name-Calling, Bashes NMFS

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Omega Protein’s lobbyists can hardly contain their disbelief. In an op-ed published in the January issue of The National Fisherman, David Frulla and Shaun Gehan, Washington lawyers representing Omega Protein, minimize efforts to limit over-exploitation of a fish species crucial to the Atlantic marine ecosystem by saying “menhaden have become a ‘cause célébre.’” Frulla and …

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Omega Protein Still Dangerously Distorting the Facts


Just in time for the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) meeting on August 2nd, Omega Protein Inc has once again presented a slew of inaccurate statements about Atlantic menhaden in a letter to ASMFC Commissioners. At the meeting, Commissioners will be voting on whether to replace the existing threshold for fishing mortality with a …

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The Feds Get it Wrong on Menhaden


Outdated and erroneous information on the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) web site presents an upbeat assessment of the Atlantic menhaden that stands in sharp contrast to the findings of independent scientists. “The stock of menhaden is considered healthy because total stock size and recruitment are comparable to levels recorded during the late 1950s …

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