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Omega Protein Makes Good on Threat to Cut Jobs, but it Doesn’t Have To


Omega Protein employs 250 people in Reedville, VA, mostly factory workers and fishermen who net Atlantic menhaden, taking whole schools of the small, oily fish from the ocean and grinding them into meal, oil and solubles. Some of those jobs are in peril, but they shouldn’t be. Omega Protein warned last year that catch limits …

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Making Waves: Delegate Cites PTP Investigation in Op-Ed


In an op-ed published on, Maryland delegate Peter F. Murphy (District 28), highlighted a Public Trust Project investigation that found that Omega Protein had hired hundreds of foreign workers to labor on the company’s fishing boats and factories, while claiming to be an exceptional job creator on American shores. Del. Murphy wrote, “…jobs for U.S. …

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In the Media: Andrew Sullivan Recommends PTP Investigation

Andrew Sullivan has recommended PTP Director Alison Fairbrother’s investigation into Atlantic menhaden management in his blog “The Dish” at the Daily Beast. Read The Dish here. Read Fairbrother’s investigation at the Washington Monthly.

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In the Media: WonkBlog Picks PTP Investigation as a Top Long Read

Ezra Klein’s WonkBlog at the Washington Post has chosen PTP Director Alison Fairbrother’s investigation into Atlantic fishery regulation as a top long read. Read the WonkBlog here. Read the investigation, “A Fish Story: How an Angler and Two Government Bureaucrats May Have Saved the Atlantic Ocean” in the Washington Monthly.

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PTP Director Alison Fairbrother Nominated for Food Journalism Award

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Public Trust Project director Alison Fairbrother is a finalist, with co-author Randy Fertel, for a Bert Greene award for their July 2011 article in Gilt Taste magazine, “The Most Important Fish in the Sea,” about the decline of the keystone forage fish species Atlantic menhaden. Fairbrother and Fertel are nominated, along with veteran journalists Barry …

PTP Director Alison Fairbrother reviews Shawn Lawrence Otto’s Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America


In December 2010, Republican House Majority leader Eric Cantor launched a website he called “You Cut,” encouraging citizens to identify “wasteful” grants awarded to scientists by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The agency, the premier U.S. institution that funds non-medical research in science and engineering, was poised for attack by citizen assailants. The aim, of …

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