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The Fish at the Heart of the Food System


By Alison Fairbrother and David Schleifer You have never seen a menhaden, but you have eaten one. Although no one sits down to a plate of these silvery, bug-eyed, foot-long fish at a seafood restaurant, menhaden travel through the human food chain mostly undetected in the bodies of other species, hidden in salmon, pork, onions, …

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Has the Atlantic Fisheries Commission Industry-Proofed its Scientific Process?: Live Blog


Scientists in charge of determining how many menhaden are in the Atlantic Ocean will convene this week under a fresh set of public participation guidelines. The new rules outline clear procedures for hearing the opinions of the fishing industry and other interest groups, without undue influence over the scientific process conducted by government researchers. The …

Science for Hire: What Industry’s Deep Pockets Are Doing to Our Fisheries


[Editor's note: This article was cross-posted on Alternet under the title "Science for Hire: Why Industry's Deep Pockets May Be Depleting the Last of Our Fisheries."] It’s sunset in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, a time when the little town’s handful of shops board up for the night, and the lights click off at no fewer than …

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Atlantic Menhaden Technical Committee Meeting Minutes


[Editor's Note: The recommendations of fisheries scientists play a critical role in determining fishing regulations. But unlike regulatory meetings of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, which are transcribed, the meetings of the scientific committees are undocumented -- accessible only by attendance. At the Public Trust Project, we make an effort to transcribe, as faithfully …

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Atlantic Menhaden Meeting Live Blog


9:45:34 AM: Menhaden meeting at the ASMFC getting underway here in Alexandria, Virginia. 9:47:32 AM: There will be a high volume of tweets coming down the pike about little stinky fish! Live from ASMFC! A word of warning to our followers… 10:04:34 AM: Ron Lukens: I’m the senior fisheries biologist with Omega Protein. There are …

Omega Protein’s Private Communications Reveal Attempts to Influence Science

menhaden pily

Emails unearthed in a Freedom of Information Act request indicate that representatives of Omega Protein sought to influence the official government science that determines how many Atlantic menhaden are in the ocean. The emails also suggest that state officials in Virginia were willing to help Omega lobby to limit fishing restrictions that could be imposed …