Making Waves: Delegate Cites PTP Investigation in Op-Ed


In an op-ed published on, Maryland delegate Peter F. Murphy (District 28), highlighted a Public Trust Project investigation that found that Omega Protein had hired hundreds of foreign workers to labor on the company’s fishing boats and factories, while claiming to be an exceptional job creator on American shores.

Del. Murphy wrote, “…jobs for U.S. workers in the menhaden fisheries have been reduced and insecure for many years now. In part it is due to the mechanization of the process, but also the diminished numbers of menhaden fish available, and Omega Protein’s hiring of foreign labor to do the work.

“Through a Freedom of Information Act request, Omega Protein’s records on foreign hiring have come to light. The Public Trust Project recently published an article including the new information, which shows that H2B visas were obtained in order for the company to hire a total of 695 foreign workers between 2006 and 2007 for their Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia operations.”

Read the entire op-ed here.